10 Interesting Facts About Cincinnati

This time we are sharing some of the interesting facts about the Queen City Cincinnati that are usually given less careful ears.

  • The Roebling Suspension Bridge

The interesting fact about the Roebling Bridge is that it was the longest suspension bridge in the world when it was fist unlocked in 1867. It connects Cincinnati, Ohio to Covington, Kentucky. It is one of the illustrious familiar sights of Cincinnati. It will be very good addition to your tourism itinerary .

  • Night games

Night games in baseball are quite familiar and regular in Cincinnati. If you’re a supporter and enthusiast of Major League baseball, it would be more thrilling for you to catch a game during your reside in Cincinnati.

  • Cincinnati Railroad Museum

In the extensive and inconsistent history of railroads in the US, it is interesting to know that Cincinnati was the first US city to own its own railroad. So including the visit of Cincinnati Railroad Museum would be excellent on your schedule.

  • Cincinnati Chili Restaurants

The interesting most fact about Cincinnati is its chili fame. There are 140 chili restaurants in the city with their own unique innovative tastes for the foodies in this regard because Cincinnati-style chili is also a life style there.

  • Second Biggest Oktoberfest

Things to do in Cincinnati is known for many other festive things as well except chili. The Queen City hosts Oktoberfest – Zincinnaty USA. It is the biggest Oktoberfest gala in the US. Indeed, it is at the second number after the one held yearly in Munich, Germany.

  • Cincinnati Museum at Union Terminal

Though it is constructed as a stunning railway station, but Cincinnati Museum at Union Terminal is also a great center of several museums, theaters, libraries, and special travelling expositions.  The structure, architecture of this place is intriguing and fascinating.

  • Krohn Conservatory 

If you want to spend some informative and educational time then don’t miss Krohn Conservatory. It is one of the appealing situate to take a break in Cincinnati. It exhibits numerous plants variety from all around the globe.  This spot is also famous for the hosting of other fascinating season festivals.

  • Art Museum:

Sited in charming Eden Park, the Cincinnati Art Museum reveals beyond compare art anthology of more than 67,000 works straddling 6,000 years. Besides putting on view its personal wide work, the Art Museum also gives space to numerous national and international peripatetic exhibitions annually. The newly started Rosenthal Education Center proposes an applicable practice for families. 

  • The Cincinnati Zoo: 

 The Cincinnati Zoo, unlocked in 1875, is the second-oldest zoo and ranked as one of the best zoos. Being the excellent one, it is the signpost of national history. You can take a ride on Safari Train. 4-D Theater is the best thing to enjoy giving you cinematic experience and thrill to make your trip memories everlasting. 

10 – Findlay Market

A heart of all kind of products in shopping perspective, Findlay Market, is the finest place to shop in Cincinnati.

If these facts have caught your concern in Ohio’s hub for tourism and culture, then make Cincinnati your destination for your summer getaway