Great Destinations to Find in Labuan Bajo Island

Labuan Bajo is one of the place in Indonesia. This is located in the eastern area of Indonesia and it is part of the Flores. The labuan bajo island is one of the great destination for tourisms. Actually, Labuan Bajo itself is famous as the fishing site. There are many fishermen in this area. However, fishing site is not the only things to find in Labuan Bajo. in fact, it is also not the main destination to find. The place offers other exotic destinations and it is so special. The destination can be found in the Komodo Island. This is a special national park located around the Labuan Bajo. it is not too far from Labuan Bajo, so basically Labuan Bajo is like the gate to explore the real destinations offered by this area.


All people must have known about komodo dragonĀ  This has become of the famous lizard, even it is called as the largest land lizard. This animal has length up around 3 meters and it weights up to 90 kilograms. Of course, they can have bigger size than that. In this case, Komodo National Park is the house of this awesome animal. This national park is dedicated as the home for this giant lizard since they can only be found naturally in this place. In this national park, it is predicted there are 2,500 komodo dragons living in this national park. UNESCO declared this national park as the world heritage. These animals can be found in many places around the national park. They can be found but it is better to keep safe range to take picture or look this exotic animals since they can be so dangerous and they are wild carnivore animals. It is better to have tour guide to explore the whole national park and find the animals. Commonly they can be found in group and seeing them can be great experience since it is their natural home.

  • Komodo dragons are not the only animals found in this national park. There are also many animals such as deer and wild boar. There are also wild buffalos and various kinds of bird. The natural ecosystem of this national park also has savannas and many kinds of forest to explore, so this will be great spot for exploring the beauty of labuan bajo island.
  • Then, people can also find beaches. Beaches with white sand can be great view and there will also great view of blue ocean. This is great package to find in this national park. People is possible to dive or snorkel in around the beach to see the beauty of the water life.

Then, there is also Kanawa Island. this island is not far from Labuan Bajo and it is still partk of the Komodo island. this provides great spot for staying while enjoying the beauty of sea. There are bungalows to stay while enjoying the alternative destination in labuan bajo island. there are large area of water where people can dive and snorkel. This is great place to get refreshed. Both body and mind will be refreshed while staying in the bungalow or diving in the beach around this island.