How Can You Get Uk Permanent Residence Card from Best Wmimmigration Agency

UKPermanentResidence is a stipulation given to EEA Nationals and their family members putting them out of restrictions of immigration. As a consequence of living in the UK for a nonstop period of 5 years or more as an EEA national, you can submit an application for authentication of having permanent residence in the UK as your right.

Permanent Residence is shortly known as PR , is a  paper or document given to an immigrant according the EEA rules and not  according to UK Immigration set of laws. One should not mix PR with Indefinite Leave to Remain – ILR, which is for people under regular UK immigration policy. ILR is different regarding its requirements and terms. You must make sure about the policies applicable to you. If you are uncertain about any feature please contact WMimmigration for guidance

Uk Residence Card

EEA nationals and their family associates (as well as non-eea national family associates) do not need to get confirmation documents of your right of residence in the UK. However, you may possibly be troubled if you do not get this authorization, as:

  • You can have intricacy showing that you are legally resident in the UK
  • If you depart from UK, you will typically require to take an EEA Family Permit before returning here, in order to certification readmission as the family associate or member of an eligible EEA national
  • You may come across difficulty to get or modify employment because employers may not comprehend the immigration set of laws
  • You will not be capable to submit an application for British Citizenship until you get hold of Permanent Residence.

Permanent residence card:

You can at once apply for a permanent residence certificate if you’ve resided in the UK for 5 years.

You don’t call for a permanent residence card to verify your residence position in the UK unless:

  • you’re an unmitigated family associate of a person from the European Economic Areaor Switzerland and you yourself are not an EEA or Swiss national
  • you desire to submit an application for British nationality
  • you desire to sponsor your partner’s visa request according to the Immigration Laws.

Your residence card would not be authentic or valid anymore if UK leaves the EU. You can apply for the new scheme to stay in the UK after it leaves the EU.


The other case or condition to get permanent residence is to complete time period of 5 years in the UK continuously qualifying the terms and conditions of characters as well as the document.

You can get permanent residence before 5 years for which you need to meet some other conditions. WMimmigration is helping you over here again.

Method  to apply

You can apply online or post otherwise by paying the fee and supportive documents

Biometric data:

Your biometric information will be asked as part of your application.

You’ll need to provide your photo, finger prints and signatures.